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1973 - 2022: DPCTZ Celebrates 49 Years!

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New!  Funding for the Bergen County trailer is complete, but there are many other counties in need in the area- contributions may still be made in the name of DPCTZ to support other trailers in the greater NY/NJ area

The Doberman Pinscher Club of the Tappan Zee is proud to share sponsorship of the first AKC ReUnite Disaster Relief Trailer in the greater New York City area with the clubs whose logos appear with ours. This trailer will serve Bergen County, NJ

DPCTZ is proud to be the very first Doberman Pinscher club to have sponsored one of these trailers.and surrounding areas if necessary.


AKC Member and Licensed Clubs who donate will have their logos affixed to this trailer.   Individuals and Businesses may donate through the name of the Doberman Pinscher Club of the Tappan Zee, and recognition will be generously given to those who help make this trailer a reality. 

To donate by mail, please download this form, fill it out and send it in with your donation to the address at the bottom.  Please also email us to let us know that you have donated, and provide information for our sponsor page, including photo or logo. 

Again: Donation Form By Mail

If you would prefer to donate online, please use the link below and you must specify that this is for the Doberman Pinscher Club of the Tappan Zee   Online Donation


AKC Pet Disaster Relief helps local Emergency Management provide temporary animal care services immediately following a disaster… the critical time before FEMA support and services can be deployed.
Deployment of these trailers will help put an end to post-disaster tragedies that have historically affected pet owners, by putting themselves in harm’s way to save a beloved pet, or even losing a family pet during a disaster.

Through the AKC Reunite Canine Support and Relief Fund, tax deductible donations from AKC Clubs, private organizations and pet lovers make AKC Pet Disaster Relief a reality. The program’s genesis was in response to the devastation after Hurricane Katrina in 2006 where many people stayed in harm’s way because emergency response plans did not accommodate pets. The AKC Pet Disaster Relief fleet we intend to donate across the country will enable readiness for our local Emergency Management organizations as they plan, prepare and respond to disasters that impact people and their pets.

Donations have been coming in from everywhere.  See the list of Participating Clubs and Donors so far


“Rolling Out Help” : Two articles on how a few delegates got started introducing the idea of the AKC ReUnite Animal Response Trailer to their counties


Please use this button to donate to our trophy fund. It will take you to Paypal