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Animal Control - Shelters - Rescues


Model Legislation: 

Bylaw of the City of Calgary Respecting the Regulation, Licensing and Control of Animals in the City of Calgary

Articles discussing the success of this program:

  • The Calgary Model The animal control bylaw in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has been hailed by many as a HUGE success. While other cities and provinces in Canada are banning breeds, Calgary is choosing education program and stronger enforcement. What's the end result? By all accounts, reports and statistics, the bylaw is working!
  • September 2010 AKC Delegates Report “virtually every animal in a shelter is there because a human relationship failed them”
  • Attacks, Aggressive Incidents Down  “The rate of aggression cases between dogs dropped by 56%, from 162 to 72 between 2005 and last year”  bylaw boss Bill Bruce told the Sun.
  • Calgary dog attacks fall to lowest level in 25 years  “Attacks by aggressive dogs are at the lowest level they've been in 25 years despite a steady population growth and the absence of breed-specific legislation brought in to tackle canine issues in other jurisdictions.”

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