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Dear Officers and Board Members of the DPCA

The Doberman Pinscher Club of the Tappan Zee has been licensed by the AKC since 1973.  We have been and remain a diverse group of members interested in conformation, breeding, agility, obedience, rally, rescue, IPO, Schultzhund and other venues.  We are one of only two Doberman Clubs who are active in NY State.  We're proud of our Independent Specialty (which has been held in October for more than 4 decades), along with our numerous obedience/rally trials, yearly educational programs and our hosting of the WAE every 3 years. As a group, we support our standard and believe that any changes to it must require member input and support.

Now that we have introduced ourselves, we wish to go on record regarding our alarm over recent DPCA actions. Silence from Chapter Clubs must not be construed as consent.  We cannot remain silent. As a club, we are appalled that personal attacks, vitriolic language, and hateful emotions have been strewn across the internet by persons in charge, those in alignment with the current board, as well as, those who may be against it. Frankly we are embarrassed.

We are relieved that the Election Process will proceed as directed by the AKC.  However, it is our position that any and all efforts to "take on" the AKC by the DPCA officers and directors be aborted. Not only will such legal actions be costly, they are foolish as well.  It is because of our relationship with the AKC that we can acquire Championships on our dogs, show and earn numerous titles, receive judging assignments etc.  We need to respect our standing with the AKC. Clubs are not autonomous. We all operate under a broader structure which happens to be the American Kennel Club. Let's not make them our enemy.

We further wish to address the whole concept of Board transparency.   Much is written about our standard.  We fully support the standard and honor the working aspect of our breed.  However, we recognize that a Doberman Pinscher is much more than ears and tails. This constant dissension over "choice" must stop. Our standard, as written, does not take away anyone's choice. More important issues need to be the focus such as the value of health testing .  It's contradictory to encourage and support cardiac research while at the same time, letting the requirements for our CHIC dogs be lessened.

As a club, we embrace the right of members to have varying viewpoints which must be expressed, addressed and resolved through intelligent compromise and consensus. We expect the same of our parent club. We believe that The DPCA needs to be a conglomeration of people who represent all of the membership. The recent resignation/termination of valuable people who have tirelessly served the club is troubling and must stop. The Board of the DPCA needs to foster an atmosphere of respect and cooperation with its committees.

We further advocate a parent club application process whereby names of potential members of the DPCA be posted and reviewed by all interested DPCA members and NOT pre-screened by whichever Board happens to be in office. The DPCA needs to be an inclusive group not an exclusive one.


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