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Energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient


Julie’s working seminars emphasize motivation in the training process.  She discusses all of the obedience exercises in the context of creating and maintaining “the utmost in willingness and enjoyment,” as well as performance consistency.  She incorporates play, games, tricks, and rewards into each phase of training from foundation to advanced training.  Specific topics include behavior shaping, reinforcing positions and behaviors, proofing, corrections, stress, and a detailed discussion of each obedience exercise.    Participants are given lots of exercises and floor time to try out Julie’s methods, and to have problem exercises addressed.  

Julie has trained a variety of breeds in obedience and agility, including Greyhounds, Bloodhounds, Basset Hounds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Tollers, Pointers, Belgian Tervuren, Belgian Malinois, Standard Poodles, and Terriers. Her own dogs have all earned multiple High-in-Trials and tournament placements, and have accomplished many firsts for their breeds. Her past dogs and a few highlights of their careers include:

Greyhound: OTCH The Merry Prankster UDX, TD, OA, OAJ, JC . Novice A to OTCH dog; HIT from Novice A; first Greyhound OTCH; multiple tournament placements.
Bloodhound: CH Masterpiece Maybe I’m Amazed CDX, TDX, NA, NAJ, MT. All-breed HIT out of Open A; Top Ten placement in Novice at Cycle tournament.

Pointer: OTCH MACH3 U-CD Longtrail Piece of My Heart UDX6 MXC MJC. 48 HITs; 32 H/C; “Ultimate Dog” at All -Star Performance Dog Association tournament; score of 200 in Open; first Pointer MACH.
Pointer: MACH2 Moorland Up and Running UDX, OM1, MXS, MJB, MXF. HITS out of Novice, Open, and Utility; 5
th place in Finals in 24” class at 2008 AKC Agility Invitational.

Current dogs include:
Belgian Tervuren: NAC OTCH MACH6 Chiron Incyta More Smarts UDX5, OM9, MXS2, MJS2, MFB, TQX, T2B.
First place (2012) and second place (2014), both with class placements, in the 24”
class at AKC Agility Nationals; Wins and placements in 24” class at multiple AKC Agility Invitationals; 37 HITs; 25 H/C; Top 20 Finalist at 2015 NOC: Runner-up at first Masters Obedience Championship at Westminster Kennel Club in 2016; first runner-up at the 2016 NOC.
Belgian Malinois: Up&Running Double-Edged MXB, MJS, MXF. First place in 24” Time-2-Beat class at 2014 AKC Agility Nationals. Terrier X: Up&Running A Mile A Minute OA AXJ

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